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Hotmail is the world’s largest free web-based email provider. The ease of using hotmail can be traced from the fact that there is no need to install any extra software to use hotmail in any computer. The sending and receiving of the emails is very easy and moreover you can not only send e-mails but also attachments with it. Now the best thing is that if you ever face any problem while using hotmail or are stuck at any point you can always go for Hotmail Support and resolve your problem with the help of certified technician. You might also face certain errors while using hotmail and there are various ways on how you can stamp out these errors.

However, if you are facing issues while accessing the various features of this ultimate webmail service, avail Windows Live Hotmail Support by 247 Tech Assist technicians. The technicians can help troubleshoot all error messages and related problems.

Fix Hotmail Account

You might face errors while receiving or sending emails and it can be resolved very easily with a little care. There are some ways which can be used to get rid of all your errors.

Now there are even other problems which you might face while using a web based email provider. These problems are some of the very common but still vital ones such as Blocked Account, Forgot password or Removing Spam Mails etc.

Blocked Hotmail Account:

Blocked hotmail accounts have been a very frequent complaint by the people across the world. The reasons why your hotmail account has been blocked might be many such as you forget the password and tried the wrong password several times and crossed the allowable limit. Over it might such that someone else has tried to open your account with the wrong password. Again it might be blocked Because of mass mailing as well.There are few ways which will help you to unblock your Hotmail account:

  •  Reset your Hotmail password. But for this cause you need to know the security question which you entered while signing up for the account.
  •  Now the best and the easiest way to unblock your account are to call the Hotmail Technical Support and give them the exact error message you get while trying to sign in to your account. You might also be asked your personal information.
  •  Now you can also retrieve the password with the help of an alternate email id which you entered while signing up.

Remove Spam Mails:

The spam mails may contain viruses, they might even be phishing attacks and therefore to remain aloof from all these problems you should delete these spam mails every now and then. Deleting these mails is very simple and vital as well. Just follow the tips and you can get rid of your spam mails within a few minutes.

  •  Open your spam mailbox.
  •  Click the mails which you want to delete.
  •  Now click delete and all your selected mails will be deleted.

Retrieve Hotmail Password

You may forget your password at any time and hence hotmail provides you with the ease to retrieve your forgotten Hotmail password. There are various processes provided by Hotmail and some of them are stated and discussed below.

  •  To retrieve your lost password, go to the login page and enter your email address.
  •  Click forgot password and a window will pop up asking you answer to your security question.
  •  Answer the question correctly with the answer you entered while signup.
  •  Now a window will pop up asking for a new password. Enter the password and confirm it.
  •  Now you password is changed and you can use your Hotmail account with your new password.

247 Tech Assist Windows Hotmail Support

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